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Today has been a good day! Work was cancelled for today (thank the Lord). Woke up with a craving for apple & cinnamon muffins wtf, so I made that and played it by ear and it turned out pretty damn good :3. Then I gymmed, came home and made myself a good feed (grilled some salmon in foil for the first time and I wish I could say that that turned out better than expected or something but there really is no way to screw up baked salmon :|), nomm'd some strawberries for 'dessert' and now I'm pretty geared to study!!!

And my Annaboo called me hehe and she told me about her foist clubbing experience which sounds like fun and I can't wait for her to come Hurstville and spend a whole day with her!! Chilling and gymming and driving around for good food in Q's car pumping some Bieber or something and doing what girls do ♥

Hnnng ♥ Have a good night every badeh! MWA xo

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