23, Sydney AU


» Last day of semester - Jess shamelessly taking selfies on the train home from having just gotten her eyelashes done
» My bebegurl and I taking stupid photos on the train
» Jamie's new BMW! (haha, he's driving Sunny's car for the first time as Sunny rides on his bike in front)
» the most disappointing Cheat Meal at KillaBurgers wtf
» making the healthiest goddamn tortilla wrap in the entire world (wholegrain tortilla, less-than-5%-Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, salad greens and egg salad) NOMNOM
» a starry-eyed nervous Jess in the morning light before the job interview
» dressed-up Jess before the interview, & dressed down Jess the moment she got home hehe
» and the first day of winter; what Qin and I do on public transport when drastically late to her own birthday dinner

P.S. I love photoshop! Look how much it can do to mere iPhone photos ^_^

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