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I have always loved Superwog. Okay, that's a lie, I didn't love him intensely until maybe last year or the year before, but I knew there was always something so much more to him than just a 'wog in a wig' (haha) ever since I saw the moving video on his spontaneous trip to China. I found his tumblr from his twitter, saw that I had actually retweeted it ages ago but I don't think I actually clicked it O_o. But I did this time, and found some genuinely thought-evoking content also found myself agreeing with him very much on a lot of the things he was saying. I wish I could meet him, so I hold an actual conversation with him.

Here are just a bunch of quotes that made me think/feel/laugh/fall more in love with him;
"Emotions are real, and what is real is true."

"It’s so sad, for me anyway, to think that people spend the rest of their working lives in these [clinical, emotionally-detached] environments. We work so that we can support ourselves. We work so that we can get married and have fights, in the midst of which children are created. (I thought that was beautiful) The kids carry with them a whole bundle of issues, not to mention family dinners with in-laws."

"Maybe If I didn’t look so ethnic then maybe I’d get a job in acting here. I thought it about it recently, I started with an agent back in 08 or something. Almost every role I got involved the assistant director giving me some kind of weapon or fake drugs."

(On hating Monday mornings)
"Now, this might seem like nothing, but that walk to the desk is one of the most difficult parts of the day. What links into this walk, and happens in fact to the be the worst part of my day, are the Monday morning greetings. The smiles, it’s the smiles. That’s a bit unfair, but I have to vent. I don’t have anything against them personally, I have something against the world at that point - because, really, it’s not their fault. So this is a nice example of a smile:

That’s fine, it’s actually a beautiful smile BUT this is how I see it on Monday at 9am:

"Self-lust is more a narcissistic level of self obsession. I’ll be honest, my recent trip to China sealed the deal for me. I mean, 99% of those in that country are way too poor to be concerned about the number of carbs, or calories contained in their food. Further, its probably like 99% of the worlds population as well with the same issue. They’re living a life much harder than us. To think we can stand in front of a mirror, analysing the shape and definition of your torso, spend hundreds every year on supplements the purpose of which is purely to make you think you’ll get more sex and be comfortable while there are millions literally starving is fucken ridiculous.

Go to the gym, that’s fine, just don’t be so obsessed with yourself. Don’t get too lost in the world of supplements either. Know how lucky you are to have rights and enough self worth to allow you to worry about your daily calorie intake. Don’t listen to me actually, let the news of the world do that. So basically, this is how I felt every time I entered a gym and now refuse to do so."

I love this one. Not only does it show the incredible depth and emotional and mental maturity he has, but what he's said is actually what's driven me lately in terms of getting fit and exercising. It feels a little embarrassing to admit, but I actually pray when I'm pushing myself and I don't want to go on anymore. I just pray, and thank Him for legs and arms and a chest and eyes and pores to sweat from, and I am simply just grateful for the opportunity and luxury to be vain at all. This. THIS is why I love Theo. (Superwog's real name haha)
I love that he expresses his real personality somewhere! It's lovely. Whenever I hear one of his adorable giggles in his videos, I want to hear that sound over and over again. I love the sound of laughter #fangirljess :$P.S. Oh and look - he's left-handed! WE ARE SO MEANT TO BE HAHA

I hope I meet him one day. ^__^

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