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So in the past week or so I've spent a total of $145 on beauty. Oh my legit - /____\ JESSICA REALLY NEEDS TO FIND A JOB SOON. ($78 on a facial skincare + massage package, $59 for a Thai massage today which hurt like a BITCH but only because my muscles were soooo tense [which was normal, I asked], $8 to get my eyebrows [yes, get them, evidently prior to today I had none]). And I'm going back next Thursday to get eyelash extensions wtf (I've sorta wanted to try them for ages anyway :D) I SWEAR TO GOD I WANTED TO GO HOME BUT ZOE INSISTED ON GETTING MASSAGES HAHAHA It's her fault! >.<

They're so gorgeous though! :)

SEXAYY! In any case I haggled from $60 to $50, and they were already on a half-price deal anyways, so it's actually $120 down to $50 wtf. Would actually be wrong not to get them, really.

Okay see you sexy cunts later, my body aches and my hair desperately needs a wash :|
P.S. Capped. And 2 assignments due next week. Ahahahahaha DASSCOOL I DONT NEED NO FAST INTERNET I GOT MY TEXTBOOK AND MY RESEARCH ...
P.P.S. Will soon post the location etc. where Zoe and I are getting beautified, I ceebs right now #lazyjessislazy
If anyone knows what I'm talking about though, it's inside the Prince Centre (go up the escalators) next to Insearch!! VERY CLOSE TO UTS LIBRARY/MARKET CITY! It's called Reenex Beauty & Slimming ..something something~ (See? I no lie. Laze Jess is laze 2 rmbr.)

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