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I have utterly lost it. I finally sorted out my PayPal and eBay shit and this is what I have purchased already.

Macbook case cover. I should have bought this ages ago. WTF WAS I THINKING.

Macbook keyboard cover. Can you tell I like pink?

Pink earphones & charger. (I feel that buying things for the sole reason that they are pink is a very legitimate reason. I hope they're not like the ugly shade of pink in the photos though.. I love a more baby/beige/peach pink rather than hot pink!! Ah well. I'll deal.)

HL-N Holga lenses for Nikon DSLRs. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT IT WAS EVEN POSSIBLE TO GET LOMO LENSES ON DSLRS. MIND = BLOWN. AND IT WAS SO DAMN CHEAP I HAD TO BUY IT :|. I can't wait to take photos with it and see what comes up!! I think I'll bring it to places where I know it'll probably get dirty.. Like parties /__\
Holga HL-N 60mm f/8, mounted on Nikon D700

All of this is under $40 and is absolutely free shipping. Not bad eh? :3
P.S. I also have my eye on a (pink) mouse and a camera lens thermos. I put my 'best offers' as less than half of what the set prices are, just to see how low I can haggle (make way, make way, Jess' inner Asian barging through!). I'm not holding my breath.

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