23, Sydney AU


F!@#ing repared for uni!! :D (Omfg I've been refraining from swearing quite a lot lately.. #ladylikejess wtf)

Brown paper bag - Wholegrain toast // Bottle of piss - Green Tea // Red box - smoked salmon salad // ziplock bag - apple slices (I prefer it to a whole apple haha) // Mini boxes: brown rice, cucumber slices, grapes :)))

Didn't even finish it all o__o" (Came home for lunch because I'd forgotten my assignment at home. Which I could have just left home and stayed home because my teacher felt sick today so I didn't even have my afternoon class ;___;)

Wanted to buy the black one for Wangays today (only $35!) but there was none in his size ;__;. (Well, Medium looked too small and XL looked too big..)

Erm, mediocre fruit salad from yesterday AHAHA, looks disgusting but is so delicious. Chuck a shitload of diced fruit in a bowl and add (preferably fruit) yoghurt. Die. Best healthy dessert in the world, although there goes most of your servings of fruit for the day XD

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