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la familia

Me, trying to capture the whole room from a high angle and only getting ..two people
Qin and Jamie being cute on the sofa
From left to right: Lynnlynn, Kimkim, Jamjam, Sunsun, Johnjohn, Yunyun, Qinqin and Teztez

Today was my cheat day // full house reunion after two months // five people in leather jackets (uncoordinated!) // hot pot // Ben&Jerrys // microwave cookie dough // crackle candy chocolate // bloating // taking turns filming each other's ridiculousness // being cold (as per usual) // and then warming up after like an eighth of a shot of Vodka // having a bit more than that // my face instantly getting so red to the point that we all reached the decision that I'm probably allergic to alcohol // being drowsy sleepy for a good rest of the day (and being reminded by Teztez about the dangers of drinks getting spiked in clubs) // bringing up past things, some of which made Jamie and I uncomfortable // Sunny jumping into the pool for a total of like thirty seconds in the pouring rain // finding awesome junk food I never knew existed (TOBLERONE PASTRIES. AND LITERAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS. AS IN PRINGLES, BUT MADE OF CHOCOLATE WTF?) at Lugarno's IGA // Jamie driving Sunny's BMW very very carefully // burning marshmallows on Sunny's gas stove // Jamie completely blackening his and actually enjoying eating it // fighting over who got to wash the dishes // fighting over who would drive // fighting over paying for things // fighting to touch Lynn's hair bun (that was just the guys actually) // fighting for points in Kim's point system HAHA // Jamie, in a not-so-occasional stroke of comedic genius, going even further with Kim's 'Dictator Wong' nickname - "Kim Wong Il" hahaha // reminiscing on making each other angry // John's hilarious slip up to Kim - "You owe me a fuck!" // hiding in Sunny's bathroom, and the way Wangays said "Jyyeeeehhssssiicaaa!!" as he tried to find me // eating junk what felt like all day // and then being bloated all day // growing warm from hot pot and being surrounded by my favourite people // simply being happier and more content and just blessed, really

They are all I need :)

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