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Jessica has been enthusiastic about in the past week or so:

1. Weight Loss (this really needs no further explanation)

2. Christianity/Religion/God/Theology I'm not going to lie, I know very very very little about the religion that I claim to be a part of. On top of reading Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life" every night or so, I have been hankering for C. S. Lewis' book called Mere Christianity but QBD won't get it in til July :'(.
John, my tutor, photocopied the first few chapters for us a long long time ago and I was hooked. To roughly explain, Lewis addresses the reader directly and proceeds to persuade, by means of a very compelling logic, that there is indeed a form of higher power. I googled "C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity" and an article came up that explained that Lewis established two types of "faith's": the first, Faith A, being a "philosophical God and moral lawgiver, whose existence can be proved by philosophy", and the second, Faith B, which is essentially the Christian belief in God - "a trust in Him that represents a religious relationship between the person and the divine."
Okay that might be a lot to take in, but I realised that I already had Faith B - belief - but had a very unstable 'Faith A', to say the least, being very very undereducated in both the verses of the Bible and ..everything else that constitutes Christianity. I am in the curious state of believing, but not entirely knowing why, which is what I intend to change!!! (To Josh the Anonymous Dissident, am I still superficial?)

3. Photography/photo editing I have been obsessively downloading photoshop curves/actions lately. I think I've run out of things to download though :|

4. Food Been cooking a LOT of my own meals lately. Will become perfect housewife soon. (Lolno still messy as hell and reluctant to clean = o =)

5. Web design I discovered the existence of Blog Milk, a Blogger themes blog last night/this morning (rofl). HER DESIGNS ARE BEAUTIFUL. AND INCREDIBLY INSPIRING!

Images from blog milk shop :)

Gonna go fry up some salmon fillet now! NOM NOM. See you crazy kids later! ♥

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