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Had a relatively eventful day today! Driving (sucked), attempted M-100s (this intense cardio workout) which I think I didn't even do properly, had a shower (definitely most eventful thing right?), watched Avengers(!!!! LOL oh and whispered to John asking him questions about like everyone and everything wtf. He is a self-declared superheroes nerd so that's okay), sat at Club Central for ever - and then turns out we couldn't even go in because 2 of our group were under 18, so we went to visit Viv at her soccer training because I think Terry had her phone, gave Mr. O (he was coaching the girl's team!!) an epic hug, the boys vs'd the girls in a little match and the girls won (FUCK YEAH YAY), then we went to the Gourmet Pizza Kitchen..

..where I got a Rocket & Parmesan salad. The only comfort I can derive from that is that they actually didn't charge extra for chicken. Mad happy about that. Guess where we went after that?

South Hurstville Petrol station - to get Ben&Jerrys. The only comfort I derived from that was the fact that I wouldn't gain any calories from wistfully sniffing the tubs of icecream from time to time, refreshing any sensory data I have left of icecream. At this point I'm actually getting so desperate that I'm keen for my chocolate-flavoured protein, just so I can taste imitation chocolate.

Ummm someone just buy me a treadmill and stop me from my whinging kthx. AHAHA

Nah but seriously, the moment I got home I was just so immensely glad of the fact that everything I had eaten today was impeccable. Unless smelling icecream actually somehow passes calories through the nose or some shit, I'm pretty safe. :) I'm excited for future challenges!

The only thing from stopping me from saying that I'm 100% sure her legs are photoshopped - you can actually see the blue tinted outline around her legs, and how suspicious and unnatural her legs look - is the fact that I haven't actually got confirmation from her herself.

(Isn't this post just full of lovely delights)

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