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Just a bit of fashionspiration to keep me going :). Today in the last half hour of driving (which was terrible, by the way - the rain started pouring down so hard I couldn't see past like five metres in front of me omfg) all I could think about were these delicious pastries with sugar sprinkled on top that Sandy's mum made and Sandy would bring to school and we would all devour them in like split seconds. I'm starting to crave yummy food a little more now and turn away from unappetizing, unhearty meals.. I mean, look at the weather!! So depressing, who wants to eat a cold salad in this weather?

LOL. I'm going to have to eat salad anyway! #dedication

^ Oh my god she's so fit I'm dying

I can't wait til I'm skinny enough so I can just be effortless and still look good.
P.S. LOL This blog is turning into a thinspiration tumblr! Speaking of tumblr, I have a new one - cœurtesy.tumblr.com ('cœur' means heart in French), and it's pretty much just going to be a (mostly) black and white tumblr of photos from my iPhone. I LITERALLY HAVE 0 FOLLOWERS SO I WILL REPAY YOU WITH A CERTAIN NUMBER OF SEXUAL FAVOURS IF YOU FOLLOW ME. ♥

P.P.S. Again, I have wasted pretty much the entire day.

I'm going to start naming my Luvos. I call this the "Ceebs Jess". Hello it's nice to meet you. If you hate me, come tell me on formspring to deter me from getting good grades. If you love me, tell me that on formspring too :3

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