23, Sydney AU


But I'm at home studying instead, so at least today won't be totally useless. Okay well right now I'm taking a quick break from this rather difficult reading to colour this space with some photos ♥

During my break at uni ^_^ Brendan is headless here hehehehe.

I know it's not very healthy T.T .. Which is why I forced B to eat half of it for me

My qtpumpkin ♥ AHAHAAHA I love her so much

& Hurricanes for Rick's yesterday! OH MY GOD COULDN'T FINISH MY FOOD. AND I WAS SHARING WITH QIN. HER STOMACH IS A FUCKING BLACK HOLE I SWEAR TO GOD. That's one conversation that I won't repeat here.. It got dirty LOL

Glamorous photo of me in a bib

Glamorous photo of me standing awkwardly in the dark with harbour lights behind me

:) Okay that's it for now. Still feeling a bit strange and forced hmm.

I feel like eating jelly :)

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