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Oh my god it's only been eleven days of autumn but already I feel like it's winter. WEATHER, Y U SO DECEIVING? YES I LOVE IT WHEN YOU'RE ALL NICE AND SUNNY BUT THEN YOU LIFT ME OFF MY FEET WITH YOUR FUCKING RIDICULOUS GUSTS OF WIND >:(. (Otherwise, it was a pretty beautiful day eheheh.)

Anyhow, weight loss has completely taken over my life now. I couldn't stop talking about it today. It was just as well I went gym, I kept repeating self-motivational mantras in my head wtf. Have some random useless photos from my Twitter/Instagram to cheer you up 8) Order from most recent to not as recent!

Jessica bought a new sweater today :) FUCKING LOVE IT UMMAGAHD. It's kind of off the shoulder, very warm and lovely and thick and tight on the wrists/sleeves which is just what I love! P.S. The tag is still on haha that's the white line thing on my arm

Jessica was a bad child today and skipped her afternoon class today because she was very tired! Jessica being ..well.. ..Jessica on the train + Jessica's lunch today. Spent so much $$ on food today =__= Sumo Salad is yummy, but very expensive.
P.S. I'm pretty pleased with how my hair looks like in this photo, what the, my hair looked like trash was point blank disgusting today.. So.. ty Instagram for being kind LOL

Two things Jessica cannot have. Brb crying myself to sleep (loljk I only care about the goddamn dessert fuck Zayn [haha you 1D fans don't like me now do ya])

Inappropriate gym attire :)). Just a sweater I pulled on on top of my workout singlet so I look presentable in public!

Also, did anyone else notice I was speaking about myself in 3rd person a lot this entry? #Jessicadoesntknowwhyshedoesit
P.S. Remember to be grateful every day for everything in your life! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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