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Spending lunch arone today because Brendan decided to do work instead of coming to 配我 like he usually does. (LOL I dunno why I'm embracing my Asian roots more than usual today)

So, wasting away time in the true Jessica style. Taking luvos. (I haven't taken a lot of luvos on my mac lately though o_o Actually I feel like I take luvos a lot less than I used to.. I took a LOT more when I first got my iPhone/Mac LOL) (This doesn't mean that I don't still take luvos ok don't immediately dismiss that T.T)

Pretending to look busy texting someone wtf, clutching my bottle of urine (oh god it'd be hilarious [and bad for me] if people took that literally IT'S JUST TEA. FUCK.), bored to death!!

Ok class starts in like five minutes so I should start packing. I still want to just go home and sleep though T.T"
P.S. Been wearing this red scarf everywhere lately. How I choose my clothes: monochromatic/dark/neutral colours for clothing, BOLD ACCESSORIES LOL, my lunchbox(es), Macbook case and scarf are all red today o_o" More of my Asian heritage subliminally seeping through?

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