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My blog has changed a lot. The way I blog now.. Well, I put a certain amount of pressure on myself now to blog 'properly' so it's an attractive to readers and such. I never took it so seriously when I was younger (I was looking at my older posts, and wow what on earth) and I realised that these days I'm not quite sure why I'm blogging. Is that weird? I don't know.

Everyone's blog seems to have a purpose, seems to be so proper and legit and Serious Business, like Jess Tran and XiaXue. But I just blog about my life, and mundane things, and I think in a way I've started to grow a want to attract readers, so then sometimes when I blog it comes out all boring and mechanical because I have this weird thing that when I'm actually trying for anything at all shit always goes wrong but when I don't give a fuck things actually go right. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW LIFE!!?!?! ARE WE HUMANS JUST HERE TO ENTERTAIN YOU!?

LOL I'm losing it a bit. Anyway!! Going to go watch some more Friends now. Goodnight! :)))

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25.3.12 with 2 comments
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