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So my good friend Neel was performing at Sidetrack Theatre yesterday in a collection of plays called Short and Sweet! He was competing in the People's Choice Semi-Finals which I thought made the selection better than last year, as the good plays had already been filtered out :))). Unfortunately I forgot my camera so the photos are once again iPhone 4 quality /__\

Flattering images of us on the bus hahaha, I love my creepy smile at Leon

This was the other play I voted for, The Whiskey Bar :D It was very good, could've belonged on Broadway or something, singing and costume and a freaking band and everything hahaha. Also helped that the spirit-guy was so so so so cute wtf, and I later found out it was the brother of our high school classmate 8D.

Aaanndd noowwww.. NEEL&JACOB'S PLAY THE CAUSE WOO!! Watch it here (although it wasn't the final revised version but pretty much exactly the same)

I really wish they would've won, but they came 4th which is tremendous for a couple of 17 year olds!!! CONGRATULATIONS, WELL DONE ♥ !!!! This is just the beginning ^___^

Taking their final bows (well actually they were walking off the stage at this point. I got my phone out too late)

Afterwards we went to Dougies because we hadn't eaten dinner :). Yay for places that open late!! One of the few things I miss about Asia.

^ Lulz I wish that was my meal. Nono, I had this salad..

..And not even all of it, only half /__\. Oh well it actually filled me up because my stomach mass had decreased from like 5 hours of not eating haha (I don't think this is a good thing).

Neel's probably on his train to Melbourne right now! He got a job as an Usher at the ..comedy.. gala.. thingy that's on TV all the time HAHA, wooo 'networking' woo! Have fun be safe! xo

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