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Hello my pumpkins ♥ How are you? :)

I can't believe there used to be a time when I would dread going to the gym, and running, and sweating. I've probably said this before, but I seriously get nervous if I don't go a few days in a row. Those three ^ were taken after I got home after a good gym sesh (for all three of us! Wangays, Tez and I) and my complexion was very clear for some reason (and this doesn't happen too often). HELL YEAH SWEATING IT OUT!!

It was Romy's birthday yesterday! I love what a gorgeous day it was! ♥

Wangays (and his mother) picked me up yesterday hehe. He's such a good driver! Can get his P's soon woooooooo!

In the car :3

anktays amiejays ;)

Woah, how long's it been since I posted actual DSLR pics on my blog?? And these aren't even from my camera!! Hope you had a happy 18th Romy! ^_~ (Although his stupid twitter says otherwise. Check him out, but he doesn't tweet often HAHA @WasabiNoodles)


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