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What a day! Got to uni today in cloudy weather feeling incredibly bummed about my group interview assessment that we hadn't finished. But today's lesson was on phenomenology, an area I was quite comfortable with, so that was good ^_^. Still.. The whole lesson I was just stewing in the fact that we were going to have next to nothing to present. So during our lunch break, Zoe and I literally just sat down and wrote the accompanying analysis and edited (if you can even call it that) the raw footage we had - so when we presented there were no fancy transitions, there weren't any superimposed text, nothing. It was just pretty much cut and pasted bits from the original tape but luckily it seemed to work out for us, because our lovely teacher Janice (who was aware with our group's situation and how the late shooting was out of our control) actually liked the 'clean cuts' and the way that our interviewee sometimes looked right at the camera, because it reminded her of The Office and how they would talk straight at the camera!! And in 45 minutes I actually managed to write up a passable analysis - I noticed none of the other groups had actually gone into much detail about the communication theories, so when I wrote ours, that's what I endeavoured to mention more. And I presented, and even though I was was a little all over the place again and I wasn't entirely sure if I was making sense to everyone, but somehow the content of the video was good enough and the analysis was good enough that I'm pretty confident we'll make a Credit. Not too shabby for like 2 hour's work post-shooting for girls that thought they'd lost everything heheh.

Picture of me & Zo during our lunch break. We actually worked pretty hard (for us hahaha) here, not thinking about anything other than just doing our job and getting it done. (The smile is purely for the camera. My hands are up because my face is chubby.)

The one frustration I did have though was with the third member of my group.. Who didn't even turn up that day. Argh! She was so hard to work with (compared to Zoe or Michelle, who I haven't worked with yet but I can tell she's one efficient cunt; so glad we all sat at the same table when we were choosing our group members for our next assignment). I really felt that the missing member wasn't being very sensitive to the group work in general, or maybe we just had two different pictures in our head and it was really hard to come to a common ground since we had different work ethics. But I mean.. She was part of our group, and she didn't turn up. Not a text, no calls, nothing.. And it's not like she's never absent, I actually hardly ever see her in classes really, she turns up like once or twice a week if she's feeling up for it (ok granted I have only 3 days a week). Still!!!! And we had to do peer assessments too. She didn't help out at all with the editing or the summary, all she did was get our interviewee to come and then be the cameraman while I interviewed and she just randomly zoomed in and out from time to time and that was it wtf.

Ok that's my rant over!!!! I'm so glad this week is done. And I have an excursion booked to the Museum of Sydney a week from now! Yay yay yay hope it's super good weather! Have a good weekend everyone! I must go run now aiyo raining now = w ="
P.S. Have a cute gif from mymilktoof ♥ ♥ ♥

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