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As pathetic as this sounds, one thing I like about going out is knowing I have something to blog about / pictures to dump into my blog hehe. Tonight was dinner at Bayblu, which I always saw as we drove past school and had always wanted to eat at and tonight we finally did! It was pretty high class - a real restaurant, with waiters who actually memorised the specials on the menu, wore ties and everything. (As you can see I am clearly easily impressed.)

Wondrous fiery sunset! I was the only one who appreciated it, Jamie just said he should've brought sunglasses and Qin laughed. LOL ♥

My Thai beef salad entree! The dressing was a bit too chilli for me to handle but otherwise a great refreshing starter, although there was admittedly not much beef (there is a lot more cucumber than meets the eye)

Amiejays' Haloumi Cheese entree! I had a little bit of the haloumi. Very nice :3

Coot kuntz. Wangays was sah adorable tonight, his hair is getting a bit longer so his fringe had a little curl to it AHAHAHA.

Terry's Pork Belly!

Kim's much larger-than-expected rainbow trout hehe :)))

Amiejay's main, veal medallions with mushroom. The sauce looks gloriously delicious

My Atlantic Salmon main :)) I do wish there were a bit more sauce though. Lub dat shet

Afterwards, we headed to BayVista in Brighton where we proceeded to pave our way towards diabetes:

Lovely Kimbo refused to eat until everyone's meal came! As a result, her chocolate icecream became a chocolate milkshake

Terry and Q's ..massive.. goblet.. dessert thingies (shut up I don't know the menu)

My strawberries, icecream and fountain chocolate dip. You'd THINK I'd be able to finish it. But I couldn't. TT__TT"

Okay, enough food photos haha! I bet y'all are hungry now, apparently my pictures have that affect. :P See you all soon! MWA!

One of my favourite 18ths, Jamie's. I remember how we all used the wrapping paper and fashioned accessories out of them.. I made a haute couture collar, Lynn made a hippie headband and Wangays - crown? HAHAH. I miss it. We had so much fun.. Makes me smile.

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