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I want to travel with my friends. I want to board a plane with them, discuss our crappy seating arrangements - then swap, fall asleep, eat the disgusting/delicious food (depending on who's judging) then land and maybe some of us will say "woo!", wait for ever for all of our baggage to arrive, then go to the hotel we've made bookings for and then check our rooms and bathrooms and take photos that I know will only take up space on my computer later, but I'll take them anyway.

I want to freshen up and then go back out to hunt for dinner; I want laughter and good conversation and to figure out the currency and how much we're meant to tip and people-watch and see how much of a foreigner we are. I want to have one of those life-changing meaningful experiences as I travel with my friends and I want to come home 'a different person', like those other cliché stories. I want to find out if that's really what I want, I want to know if I'll love it even more if I don't get what I want.

I want to learn. About the place we're travelling to, about the little reactions my friends have to little things, I want to play games with each other and buy cute presents for one another and make each other happy. I want experience, I want a story to tell my kids when I'm older, so when my kids want to do something I'll remember how I did this and that and how my kids will be fine. I want to grow old, I want to stay young! I'm mature enough to want children one day but still childish enough to cringe at the painful thought of giving birth.

I want life. I want knowledge, I want love, I want memories, I want to change lives, to have mine changed, to make new ones. As morbid as it sounds, I want to be on my deathbed, close my eyes, breathe my final breath and thank God for the life I had. For Everything.


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