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Oh my goodness it's been 489203492 years since I've last done a quiz.

1. Do the following without complaint
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she has been tagged.
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.

I have been tagged!

Favourite Colour: Baaaby pink :)
Favourite Food: Changes all the time broseph!
Favourite Song: Don't have one, although the place I go to shop at all the time plays music that is very very oddly to my taste.. I always know at least like 70% of the songs they play there
Favourite Movie: N/A
Favourite Sport: Treadmill.
Favourite Day of the Week: FRI SAT SUN MON i.e. days I don't have Uni
Favourite Season: Late summer ^_^
Favourite Ice-Cream: Asian flavours! (e.g. red bean, black sesame, green tea)

Current Mood: Meh
Current Taste: More pain than taste :( Tongue hurts and so does my throat. I have GOT to stop eating junk >;(.
Current Clothes: Underwear, bra, black shirt with partial lace back :D!
Current Desktop: ATESUM! Been like that for like half a year lOL
Current Toe Nail Colour: Normal, cept my big toe still has a bit of purple LOL
Current Time: 12:19AM~
Current Surroundings: messy bedrooomm
Current Annoyance: things hurt
Current Thoughts: Tired. Want to watch Friends. Fringe is blocking my vision a bit

First Best Friend: Joan :)
First Crush: Jamie HAHAHA
First Movie: Fuck man iono AHAHA I remember watching Aladdin in like kindy or something tho.
First Lie: The fuq would I know
First Music: 50 Cent - Ridin Dirty
Okay just googled it and it was by Chamillionaire LOL. Knew that wasn't right. I don't know my gangsta rap ok.

Last Cigarette: "I never tried, and won't ever." Lolol answer from 6 years ago. (Read it here. I must warn you I talked like a fucking downer LOL) .. I was very innocent.
Last Drink: Weak-as-fuck green tea
Last Car Ride: Qinerino
Last Movie: The Devil Inside!
Last Phone Call: Ron. I pretended to be Qin while she was driving HAHA we have similar voices sometimes
Last CD Played: "Barbie Slumber Party Mix. ..?!" WTF THIS WAS MY OLD ANSWER? WTF JESS WTF?

Have You Ever Dated One of Your Best Friend: No
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Er - yes
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope
Have You Ever Skinny-Dipped: Nnnnooo. HAHA No but seriously I haven't
Have You Ever been on TV: I - what, on my old answer I said "I think so"? REALLY?
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Dont Know: No!

1 thing You Do When You Are Bored:
- Try to find things to do on my phone
2 Things You Can Hear Right Now:
- Wind, me typing
3 Things You Did Today:
- Ate, coughed, bought strepsils.
4 Things You Are Wearing:
- I'm not wearing enough things ._." Oh, unless you count bracelets!? I have lots of accessories on me now lOL
5 People to do this quiz:
- No one's going to anyway so why the fuck bother

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