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Today was a day I'd been a bit nervous about (and not without reason); my group and I had to interview someone for my Understanding Communication subject! It ended up going better than I'd expected; the person we interviewed was an Andrew Duvall who taught English at ELSIS (English Learning School In Sydney), but had actor experience (and as I found out, a whole lot more than that). I truly was very fascinated by everything he told me.. His vibrant, engaging teaching style, his career on stage in the theatre, in movies, then going to Japan and teaching English for two years, even his morals in regards to money and how he hates dishonest people.. It was fascinating, and very impressive. I really, really want to be that wealthy in terms of life experience when I'm his age. I mean he was only 34, but looked younger than that! I had a great time. I think I want to interview people for a living! HAHA. (Okay maybe not, the equipment drove me nuts)

After that Zoe and I ate at Satang Thai and their dinner menu finally had Salad which I was very happy about, because I swear to god they don't have salad on their Lunch menus >:(. I got a rather un-gainzy deep-fried wonton entree (bahaha this is how you start to think/talk when you spend too much time with Amiejays) and a very salty beef salad! And Zoe got a Pad Thai HAHA, LOL omg she's like Qin, knows something is good and sticks to it (then waits for people like me to try new things and latches on when I hit treasure! Haha :P)

Okay that's all for today ^_^. Apparently it's going to be rainy the next few days which sucks a little, I so do love blue skies. UNTIL NEXT TIME! :))))
P.S. If you want another blog at which to salivate, visit Lorraine's food blog (I say food blog because she rarely blogs about much else). If her blog was a food, it would be a quirky, luxurious chocolate you would fall in love with every time. ^__^ http://www.treebunny.blogspot.com/

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