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Hello my sexy devils! So although it appears I have fully recovered from my self-declared delusional fever a few nights ago, my throat is still uncomfortable when I swallow and when I relayed this nugget of information to Qdogz she said it might be tonsillitis which got me worried but apparently it's really quite common so I'm less worried but STILL, I've yet to look up the symptoms for tonsillitis so I'll have to get on that soon.

Anyway, today I went to uni, learnt shit, had minor disagreements/miscommunication (o the irony) with my new member of my group for the video interview presentation, got through it, felt disgusting what with my cringe-worthy outfit, unwashed hair and pimple breakout, bought a new white dress and a shirt (someone FUCKING STOP ME), bumped into Simon Truongayz on the train home and dragged him grocery (?) shopping with me (if bobby pins and conditioner counts as grocery shopping lmfao - well, for a 18 year old girl anyway FUCK IM OLD.), got home, showered, went back out and watched The Devil Inside with my bbz Terry Amiejays Sunny Kimbo and Q, which was actually quite good because it freaked the fuck out of all of us (except Q.. and I'm not sure about Kimbo but she wasn't very concerned either. I was staring at her for parts of the movie where I was too afraid to watch LOL);

Don't complain about the 'scary picture' princesses, you're lucky I didn't post this other one of a nun and her eyes glazed the fuck over. Ugh. The religious symbolism in that is almost hideously obvious (you know, what with the exorcism and everything).

Some more pleasant photos to take your mind off the earlier one. How ridiculously cute are my zipia flats?? Fuaarkk. I hate wearing 'regular' flats, I'll only wear them if they have a cute little strap or if they're regular fucking brogues/shoes haha. Yeah I'm kind of weird like that. I almost never wear thongs either, unless it's specifically to the beach or something.. And I also hate sandals/'gladiators'. I'm also crazy for white and mint coloured footwear right now! Not together, I mean. But yeah, I've always loved white shoes, and I saw these mint JC Lita's and I was all like Umm bitch I will own you one day. MOVING ON . . . (Sorry if I've bored any of my male readers [not that I have many if at all])

Anyway, after the movie, everyone predictably turned-around-touched-the-ground-bags-notted driving me home so I was like LOL calm your shit nigguhs I'm walkin'. BUT AS IT TURNED OUT JAMIE CALLED ME AND TOLD ME THAT IT WAS POURING AS FUCK OUTSIDE AND QIN HAD VERY KINDLY VOLUNTEERED TO DRIVE so that was very very nice of her! Didn't even know it was raining lmfao. But yeah, she had to go to Ron's place that night to collect uni textbooks anyway and I had wanted to stay out a little later anyway so we went there first and hung out there for a little bit! And it was very spontaneous and fun trolling Ron's Facebook and watching 1D and having the twins call them homos n shit. LOL. Zayn is fucking sexy. ANYWAYS. YES. Oh and I've been eating fucking terribly. But whatever, that kilo's gone back down and I'm all fucking antsy for not having gymmed in SO long so I'm going to go nuts tomorrow.

LATERS CHILDREN! Much love! Muah! ♥

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