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OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN 5 DAYS SINCE I LAST BLOGGED WHAT'S GOING ON. Well, let me break it down, like a rap song:

1. This whole Kony2012 thing happened. Feeling far too cbf to blog about it now, one tends to feel that way when one has a presentation on it due in a few days..
2. Sydney got fucking flooded on Thursday. And stupid mX actually had instructions teaching you how to make a bloody newspaper hat
3. Gymmed in sync with Qin and I worked so much harder
4. Realised how much Uni work I had to do .. TT___TT
5. But I met up with my (ex) tutor + (ex) classmate anyway and my god I literally glomped him and we had like a 5+ second hug oh I love him ^_^.
6. I think that's it O_O" Oh wait Kaan met Superwog. Oh my god I love him so so so so so much TT.TT (Superwog that is HAHA) and he (K) met Zyzz too .. Zyzz is so cute with glasses..

I feel so out of it right now. THEY MET WHEN HE WAS STILL ALIVE LOL. Moving on ..

Sigh.. No time to blog now. And to be honest I'm not really feeling it so much lately.. Just .. so lazy. I mean things are happening but the will to blog is really just .. not there anymore.


P.S. Romy's birthday today, happy birthday qtpie, see you tonight!

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