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After uni I crashed on my bed for a while just chillin' and Qin called me asking if I wanted to go dinner with Sunny and she, which to which I accepted (duh). It wasn't until we had sat down at 3rd Rock at our table near the window that I realised how comfortable I was. Maybe it was the incredible lighting or the day, or I was just subconsciously still happy that I had gotten one assignment out of the way, but it felt good just to be with my homies, how - after a day at uni - I can just meet my friends, have a meal, sit in silence (or casual conversation too, whatever's clever) and be comfortable. Just content to be there with them. (Granted, there were a few people missing, but still. I was happy.)

Also I wonder if it'll start to bother me that my blog isn't very popular. I wonder if people actually give a crap what I say?? I know that if Ayu didn't know me she'd probably skim past all the text and just glance at the photos, and to be honest if I didn't know me I'd probably do the same AHAHA. Still, though. I mean, I devour every single word of XiaXue's blog and it never gets boring - it's always so entertaining!

Guess I've been feeling a bit more insecure lately. Such is life :))) JESUS JESS YOU STILL HAVE SO MUCH MORE UNI WORK TO DO Y U NO WORRY ABOUT THAT INSTEAD OF BLOGGING ABOUT INANE THINGS. There. That oughtta put it into perspective.

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