23, Sydney AU


I hope y'all have enough bandwidth cause this is going to be pure photos. Can't be bothered with too many words, I'm far too lazy right now, you'll have to deal!

It was extremely hard to eat the caesar salad, and after a while I kind of just gave up and settled for whatever my fork speared. The pasta, though, I craved for literally a week. Went with my darlings to 3rdRock tonight though and settled with drenching me and Wangays' kid-sized spagbol with parmesan (hope you didn't mind bruvs heheheheh).

One of the few gorgeous streets of Guang Zhou. European nations kinda took over ages ago and built buildings there so the gorgeous evergreen park is always filled with wedding photographers!

Ugh.. 太多人了吧 =__="

My beloved bruvzy hehe

Weirdest dog ever. Disregarded the chicken and went for the vegetables of all things, and even then he would only eat the leaves, not the stalk :|"

Okay I cbf now! Hehe see you all soon! I'M GONNA GO CLEANSE, AUSTRALIA IS SO HUMID AIYOH

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