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So I got almost no sleep the day before yesterday, and I must have been so fatigued by it that I left class more than an hour early in the afternoon because my head was hammering so painfully hard and I was shivering so much from the cold-ass aircon. Walked to Central station to go home and saw an Aboriginal man bowing his head with a take-away box in his hand.. Then I realised that there were a couple of coins in there. He looked so pitiful and every time I walk past beggars who look like that I always feel guilty for having so much when there are so many other people who don't. So I dug out all my silver coins from my wallet and dropped some in his takeaway box, continued my walk to the station but only got a few steps before a girl that looked only a a year or two older than me approached me. "Hi, I know this is really random, but I just want to say that I think it's really great you gave that man money. Most people just walk past without looking at him. You just made my day."

It was a really nice (albeit a little startling) experience, to be told by a complete stranger that I made their day. (I told her that she made my day by telling me I made hers!) Even though my own day had been pretty much crap, it was just nice that such a small act had led to someone else taking the initiative to tell me that they appreciated it. Really makes one believe that there does exist a God, doesn't it? :)

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