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^ My name if I married Qin. LOL
I, like many others, have jumped on the Jeremy Lin wagon after watching his awesome performances n__n BUT OF COURSE I KNEW HIM THROUGH KEVJUMBA FIRST SO, YOU KNOW. Earlier than some other people. HEHE

Went to gym today.. So out of it :(. Was on the treadmill for only 30something minutes and felt lightheaded afterwards aiyoh. Hopefully tomo will be better :)) The guys + Q have memberships so I'm to be dragged along Q_Q. LOL! I'm so lazy aaahhh I generally dislike the thought of exercising even though I kind of enjoy it and know it's good for me. ^_^"

Ate at DtoD @ Beverly Hills tonight for dinner and had their Pumpkin Risotto (was really starting to get sick of salad. There are only so many meals I can eat it consecutively); it was nice, if rather salty, so halfway through I kind of gave up and had everyone else eat it for me hehe. Sharing is caring ^.^

Ok wtf it looks like shit in the picture but it was much nicer irl.

I miss my atesum. I haven't hung out with them since the few nights before I left to China :( I hope we get to hang out this Sunday.. Oh, no, my dad's back that night!! AH WELL. Let's hope he comes back late so he doesn't whine about me being out XD

My throat is still annoying me a lot, especially right now where I've been hacking all f!#king day >:(. HOPE IT GETS BETTER SOON. Gotta go buy medicine tomorrow.. My almost-full bottle of Rikodeine had to be thrown out last night because it was past the expiry date "(-_\)

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