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January 2009
Almost 15. Still a kid, but I'm starting to become a teenager, developing slight fashion sense and making an effort to look pretty. I still suck though.

January 2010
Almost 16. Still learning a lot of things, making mistakes and trying new things. :) Such a teenager right now.. A lot of drama! Still don't know much though. But I'm getting there. John's lessons are noticeably making their impact on me now.

January 2011
Almost 17. Feeling pretty grown-up by now! Had my first real relationship. Learnt a lot! Definitely found out by now what looks good and what doesn't. Photos get more legit, too. DSLR has been acquired! ^_~ Tight knit of friends has been established, but they're still in the process of getting settled. (For example, Jamie and I have learnt to tolerate each other, we become acquaintances, then friends, then friends that frequently hang out with each other, to good friends, and now lovers ;))) LOL! Hahaha I hope he reads this now LOL)

January 2012
Almost 18. Starting to outgrow first DSLR, and notice own maturity. I like it when it's quiet; playing games makes me feel old, I prefer to read alone instead. More self-assured, confident in some areas, not in others (like driving, for example). Friendships really starting to define (or, sadly, slowly fade out) now. Or in Kim's case, present itself entirely new. Never would have dreamed I could grow close to her as high school ended. Other friendships, like mine with Anna's, are as stable as ever - and will be, I think, for ever. Find my Lesbian Lover in Ayu, who I can be sleazy with yet connect so well with without even trying. Achieved childhood dreams of having an incredibly close year-group and even enjoyed it so much just by being me. Different experiences overseas. Learning more, appreciating more, thinking more. Had a pretty serious crush for the first time, and have it end unhappily (for lack of a better word). Did something meaningful and yet at the same time laughably appropriate for my age group with my Best Friend. Learnt more ways to find happiness.. Growing up :)

Wangays became my best friend;

First ever experience overseas with a good friend, let alone staying with them!

Got into wearing dresses! And attended a wedding (okay, missed it entirely) with half my year group :)

Hehe. It's nice to watch myself grow, but know I'll always still be a kid at heart. ♥

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