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Hellooo my darlings ♥ I changed my blogskin again because I figured that my rather alarming absence of 5 days was once again attributed to the fact that I was simply sick of looking at my blog, so I went for 'simple' again. I love minimal tumblr-style blogskins, they're so simple and easy on the eyes :).

Anyway, to update you with the last few days, Alice and I had our combined 18th and we bought so much food and we actually thought we'd have a lot left over but it turned out that we did not have enough oh my god. *depressed* Seriously I made a massive vat of ravioli too, but it wasn't enough.. The sandwiches Alice made for like an hour and a half got ravaged by ants almost instantly (it was fucking disgusting oh ym god), I also made fairy bread (YAY FAIRY BREAD LOL #regressiontochildhood), we bought 2 sushi platters which got finished in a second also and the drinks literally just disappeared. We didn't buy all that many, though, so it was understandable.. It was so windy and I couldn't get the pretty candles to light up :'(. AH WELL. HAHA. Keshan brought Passionpop and Phil, Denga and Alice definitely got affected, but at least Alice isn't underage anymore!! HAHA. ♥

So that was the 25th! Yesterday the whole Asian gang went to our annual Dolls Point and surprise surprise Sunny threw me in the water. It was definitely my favourite Dolls Point ever though, privately glad I got thrown in the water, I wouldn't have gone in otherwise hahaha, and Anna's presence always makes things fun hehe. Love her :)))))

TJ & Alice! LOL Alice "Does it look candid?? :D"

Anyway, the 23rd has completely escaped my memory (I only had Uni anyway) and I know the 24th was just shopping at Officeworks for Uni, Coles for DP and heading off to the gym again ^.^

^ The most fantastic drink in the world!

Oh, and we had dinner at 3rd Rock but I've totally forgotten what I ordered /__\ not that it matters that much HAHA. Oh and Jamie got new rimzzszszzZZz! :D

HAHA I'm such a loser. Anyway I have all this uni work to do omg =_= Mad cbf omg. Byebye!
P.S. I'm also mildly sunburnt on my neck/shoulders. How exciting! This does not happen often!! LOL

EDIT: AAAHHH I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON! I remember now, I had dinner with my girls at Delhi o Delhi at Newtown on the 23rd~! So full. Oh my god. Probably why I'm back up a kilo :@

I love fine dining ♥__♥ I hope my future boyfriend knows lots of gorgeous cafe restaurants! LOLjk I'm perfectly fine eating salad. In fact I'd rather eat salad.. I have to eat salad >:(

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