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What up gees. Haven't updated in days on account of being too ridiculously fucking tired to do anything, especially yesterday where I went to UTS' INSEARCH and waited for an hour and a half, had to go home and come back out again for two pieces of goddamn paper, wait a bit more, and finally - finally - go home. All on an hour and a half of sleep. Joy.

I did have a lovely day with my darlings today though after going INSEARCH again for my enrolment and timetable collection .. I have a pretty badass timetable, if I do say so myself! Only have lessons 3 days a week, and on Wednesday I start at 3pm which is awesome because it means I can sleep in hor hor hor. (Tuesday and Thursday are 9am days. :'( Oh well, 4 DAY WEEKEND LOL) Lots more time to chill out than high school, but there'll be more work too, so I guess I'm glad to have the time to study as well :)

It's not yet 10pm but I'm ready to retire to my comfortable bed. GONNA WATCH AT LEAST 5 EPISODES OF FRIENDS! SEASON 4 YEAH! THANKS QIN! ♥

See y'all soon :) I'm so excited to start my lessons now! I thought I had a lot less lessons than everyone else but I have more hours than Wangays who's doing a fucking double degree HAHAHA. (Okay well they're practically the same thing in my opinion that's why his lessons overlap, but still) I hope what I learn is interesting.. I'm so nervous :(

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