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So, I turned eighteen today! (Well it's actually almost the end of my turning eighteen now) Had a pretty good day. Gym (did well on the treadmill woo!!), PA for lunch (first time in ages zomagah), drove, uni (was late because I was putting on makeup like a vain fuck), shopped with Zozo for an hour - feet hurt.. We were in one shop the whole time, got this lovely black skort that makes me look skinnier LOLZ, met up with the guys who went Pool and I got all giggly n shit and then Kim came and then Qin finished work and then we went to Lulu's to eat and I got a lasagne and I was supposed to share pancakes with Kim but I was full from the lasagne and I got a Baileys with milk -

And I'm not going to lie I kind of got a little tipsy haha (yes shut the fuck up I'm a lightweight what of it). Was being a stupid fuck in Sunny's car, they couldn't wait to get rid of me LMAO. (Terry recorded it omg. Don't want to watch it until I turn 40 or something)

^ Photo of my asian flush because Spedwin and Kaan Golderp were making fun of my non alcoholic-looking drink. Anyways I wrote more but stupid blogger didn't autosave it and I lost it and I'm lazy and can't be fucked so IMMA WRAP IT UP HERE. SEE YOU SOON SEXY CUNTS! SORRY FOR THE EXCESSIVE SWEARING IN THIS POST LOL! ♥

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