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Omg. So grumpy in the mornings. Everyone needs to fuck off, just let me sleep, HOW IS THIS EVEN HARD? Mannn people here wake up so early.. I SLEEP so early too, for some reason 10 30 PM feels like 11 30 PM, I get tired soooo easily o.o" and then I always get woken up cause the little cunts are always up and running by 9. Literally running. Fffaaaahhh. Went to bed at 12 last night and that seriously felt like 2.


This was a longass rant about being woken up. And now my other cousins are here and I have to get up now zomg

Oh fuck that >;(

@1:16PM: just got out of bed at the announcement of lunch. Haven't eaten in over 12 hours, but hunger is only mild. Am clearly becoming an anorexic. I am, however, getting excited about PhilLi and I's collaboration in the designs of my blogger header!!!!!!!!! I love this friends working together thing hehe yay we'll both get famous fuck yeeeaahhh. HAHA symbiotic relationship n dat :))) xo

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