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Hello earthlings, this is Jess blogging on her phone from the Blogger app (which I never thought of trying before wth). DOES THIS WORK? Will die from shock if it does.


So how's China?

Good, good, good! Quite a bit better now I can blog ohhh my goodness. Won't you guys get the shock of yoor life when you idly visit my blog, whether from force of habit or - dare I think it - your own little hope that I will have found some way to blog AND I HAVE. HAHAHAHAH FUCK YOU CHINA YOU GOT LOOPHOLES MATEY. I do believe China has driven me insane.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and its the frst time I'd ever spent it with such a big family. I felt quite honoured, and blessed that I could be with my family at this time - I hardly see them so sometimes its still crazy to me that I'm actually related, by blood, to these people. n__n

Oh, and I also got bit by a rather venomous mosquito or some shit, because the bite on my leg swelled so much my calves looked even butcher than they already are haha. Not to mention they actually hurt wtf. Fucking tank bugs *mutters*

It's also incredibly cold right now.. I spend half my time in my room trying to conserve heat, but then I know if I run around with my cousins I would be warmer but they play all these things I suck at like badminton and ping pong and bloody ROLLERBLADES! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OL DAYS WHERE KIDS USED TO READ QUIETLY!? Which is what I do (Anna Karenina is pretty intense). Sunny must've never been one of those kids, he hates reading and loves climbing shit lmao.

Speaking of sunny I have to stop talking about him or some shit cause SOME PUNKS THINK IM GOING OUT WITH HIM! Do you guys know me at ALL???!! Quite offended HAHAHAHA. (no but sunnys great <3333 - I only mentioned him particularly because we bicker about reading and sports and how boring we think the other is hahaha)

Okay my train of thought has been so off-track this entire post (haaa, train of thought, offtrack?) so its time to end this post.. WITH MY CHINESE NUMBER! LOL. (I figure it's okay since I'm only using it for another like, 13 days or whatever, and then it'll be pretty much useless once I get back to Syd.) "18favenumber1844734favenumber", figure out the favenumber/area codes and whatnot on your own :D, I can't make it too easy lmao. PLEASE TALK TO ME IM BORED. :( for anyone who wants to know/cares at all, I can go on formspring, post on blogger (but I can't go on my actual blog how annoying), I can check my email so please oh pretty please with naked people on top drop me some comments or something so I'm not boredskiez :(. OKAY! SEE YOU KIDDOS LATER I THINK MY COUSINS ARE CALLING ME. MWA! ♥

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