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Was half an hour late to Mr. O's wedding and missed the whole thing (still can't believe it) but I still got some shots. It must have been a blessed day, because the weather forecast had said cloudy, but the skies cleared and it was gorgeous. ♥

Headed to Hog's Breath Cafe at Cronulla to eat dinner! Such man food, really.. So much steak @_@.

And what's a jesth blogpost without any food photos!?

Qin's pavlova was ridiculous. So getting it next time.

Congratulations to the bride and groom, Mr. and (now) Mrs. Orsaris! ♥ (I did, however, accidentally write 'Mrs & Mrs' on their present. Woops. Sir you are hereby a lesbian ?_?)

Anyway, talk soon! I'm leaving for China in 4 days eurgh.. Seriously fingers crossed I sit next to someone awesome and not just some see lai mother.
P.S. Check out my crazy friend Neel and the crazier Michael Dable in this rap song (wherein I have no idea what he's rapping about because he's doing it in his customary Indian accent, but one of the lines is 'I'm so sick I got cancer', so you know it's gonna be good). He's one of my oldest friends, and if you guys aren't doing anything on the 11th, go check him out at Sydney's Newtown Theatre! He and his friend Jacob will be performing in a collection of short plays called Short&Sweet and hopefully they'll get through to the finals. I'm actually leaving that day, I went to their show last year and it was so great, so I regret missing it this year :((((! But they'll do brilliantly, I know it! ^_~ Love! xo
P.P.S. Started watching Friends (yes, for the first time.. I haven't seen a lot of things / __ \ )

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