23, Sydney AU


So much has happened! Already. Wtf?
  • Sunny bubz left for Guang Zhou. He was gone one day but it felt like much longer. Lynn, too :(. Oh, but they both have internet, which is fucking awesome 8).

    Look at him. So cute. (Also, what the fuck, is GZ behind or something? Xmas tree still up haha. Then again they must take a lot of effort to assemble.)
  • Chilled at Hurstville with Leon yesterday and watched Happy Feet 2. Oh my god worst movie in the world LOL how did I not fall asleep..
  • Went to Harry's Hotdogs with Amiejays, Wangays and Qinnigz. Wtf stayed until 10pm TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN n dat
  • Went to UTS:INSEARCH today with Brendan to apply. Got it. Thank god.
  • Popping over to Willow's soon - though we're late, we're late, we're so late! Everyone had something on today! D;
  • And now I'm looking forward to a great night in the city! Oh I do hope it'll be fun. Today's weather is excellent. ♥ n___n ♥
Much love everyone! I hope you are all having ridiculously good starts to the new year. Muah! xo

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