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No it isn't a monobrowed smiling man, I'm simply one of the few ancient people left who know most of the MSN emoticons off by heart XD. Anyways, brother just taught me how to do one side of the rubix cube but I'm still embarrassingly dreadful at it.

Flying to GZ on the eve of the 2nd with brother who has to do something there (cbb explaining, I can't word it properly LOL) and father, and I'm excited because I've never flown with my bro before and hardly with my dad (the last time was when I was like 9 I think. Wow) do yeah pretty pumped XD. Then in the late afternoon bro and dad will fly back to 海口 and I to Sydney and I'll be home on the morning of the 4th FUARK I don't know what the first thing I shall do is. Probably refuse to speak Chinese for ages, it's either that or it will uncontrollably reveal itself tourettes-style haha.

Fucking 1 32AM now omg I have to stop sleeping so late. Bro is texting his girlfriend and I'm blogging and were listening to the music on his iPad and man I gotta say Akon you have to not advocate spying into chicks' windows with your impure binoculars *sniff*. LOL seriously though how many guys have listened to Nosy Neighbour and bought a pair I don't wanna know. ANYWAY. MOVING ON. Yes. Home!! I think I've looked forward to this since the moment of my departure, sadly enough. I've still enjoyed my time here, my brother is so easy to get along with and father is more pleasant, it seems. I've also begun reading George Orwell's 1984 - how many of you guys knew his name was actually Eric Arthur Blair? I mean he sounds like a scholar either way. Meh! Time to sleep. SO TIRED. PLAYED SO MUCH SPEED RIDER LOLOLOLOL (an arcadey racing games like Daytona, for those with lives). Dont ask me what I was soon playing racing games.. My cousins are 14 and 9 or something so they still find these things fun.. I'm ashamed to admit I have matured (I NO RYT) and thought the place too noisy and pointless. LOL heh :) guess its possible! ^_~ never gonna get sick of blogging tho!

See you kiddos soon! REAL SOON. Long live China's drop dead cheap prices! xo

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