23, Sydney AU


Not my last post after all!

Where: Sydney Airport
Who: Lol just myself :(. LOL JOKES THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN TRAVELING WITH MY MUM. SOZ MUM. I think I'm gonna have to insist that I do all my travelling alone now it feels too good

I've been a crazy social media whore all morning from the moment I left my daddy (who I parted on good terms with. I thought it would be all forced and cold and awkward and shit given the recent events but I also forget that my father tends to forget 'arguments' like half an hour later but yeah! A random police woman came up to him for an RBT and then she checked his license and he'd forgotten to renew(?) his car registration (?) LOL didn't catch all of it but she did say "I should give you a ticket, but I wont." Oh my god so lovely haha. I hope the people at the RTA are this nice too!

To top it off, as I'm not yet 18 and I'm travelling alone, the usher lady allowed me to go get my ticket at the First/Business Class window gatey thingy (eloquent, aren't I) so that was pretty cool. God I wish I was bumped up to actual First/Business class but I'm fairly sure that they just gave me a seat towards the front in Economy class :) which is good enough for me. (Did you know that they have a premium economy class now? The fuq?!?!?! Why did no one told me this)

Anyway, I slept at like 5am knowing I had to wake up at 7am because I was watching Friends and it was irresistible :(. I hope Ross and Rachel get back together and Monica and Chandler are taking so long that omg I almost can't be bothered to like them anymore. OKAY IM KIND OF RAMBLING RIGHT NOW WHAT OF IT.

Anyways yes the girl who gave me the ticket was lovely, and they even offered to assign me someone to take me through the gates and such because I was underage but I said I'd travel alone CAUSE IM A BIG GIRL N DAT. But yeah it is pretty exciting for me to have my first solitary travel experience as corny as that sounds :))))). Though there was this cunt of a luggage inspector who kept repeating 'Water is a liquid, water is a liquid' despite my attempts to explain that I had simply forgotten I had water in my bag. Like shut the fuck up bro if you don't want to fucking work there than quit, don't mutter to yourself/everyone about how 'no one ever listens' and think you're allowed to be so unreasonable because seriously you were ruuude and unless someone just died you have no right to be like that >:(. Maybe you haven't gotten laid in a while but hey don't take it out on us travellers kay? /endrant

So erm pretty much I bought an overly expensive breakfast and am now blogging at some seats next to McD's and in front of a massive window that shows the runway and aeroplanes and stuff :). I can't help thinking that this is my final blogpost for a while! So plagued with unnecessary worry lately. CALM DOWN JESS.

Everything's been perfect so far. All I need now is a safe flight, no nausea whatsoever, to sit next to someone awesome and to return home safely (and with a luggage full of awesome-ass buys). FEELIN' LIKE AN ULTIMATE TEENAGER HERE. See you kiddos soon!! Also check out my twitter @jesthh, I've been tweeting like an absolute madcase since 8:24 AM.
But seriously pray I don't vomit. Especially if I do end up sitting next to someone awesome.
P.P.S. You should see how I'm dressed. I look like a backpacker wearing her pajamas.. Black tights, white holey sweater and like HIKING SHOES I HATE my dad omg (I don't I love him)

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