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Flying out tomorrow. I don't really remember what I felt before I left the last time, but this time I'm a little excited and apprehensive. I think I just want to get away for a bit, and it definitely helps knowing I'm only staying for 3 weeks. 3 weeks! That's only 21 days! Hopefully they pass quickly. (If not, I brought 5 books and an iPhone stocked with even more reading material [thankyou iBooks] so I'll survive, and my English will hardly falter. If anything I'll be even more literate!)

Mostly glad to be rid of my dad for a while. A few days back he suddenly decided it was alright to get angry at me for staying out late - and by 'late' I mean before 11 00 - even though I was doing that for like the past 2 months anyway wtf. (I'm certain it's the absence of my mother.. She cleans and makes dinner for him when he comes home. I forget more often than not, can't cook many dishes and often get called to go out and eat so I can see where he gets displeased.) Still.. I don't know, for the past 3 nights coming home feels like I'm about to be epicly slaughtered. Don't know if I'd rather be in China, away from everything, or in Australia with my father, with everything, but not able to enjoy it properly/at all.

Wow this blog isn't gonna get updated for ages. LOL have fun catching up on 10+ updates when I come back!! Talk soon, lovelies. Let's hope I'll have a great time woo!!!!! Excited now HAHA!
(P.S. I miss my friends already. I regret not asking for hugs before I left :((((((((. I hugged Kim, though, that was good, and when Jamie kindly came and gave me my wallet that I'd left at Terry's, he just didn't even want to touch me at all [he actually leans back], so that was great for my ego.)

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