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At this buffet in the hotel called Cafe Cascade at the moment :) Was my second and last night staying at Sunny's last night :(((, he didn't tell me that he'd had to go to a family brunch at 10:30 so I stayed in the hotel room by myself for a little while soaking up the last bit of the internet before my mother came and got me and I was hungry so we came downstairs to eat :)))). Thoroughly sick of Asian food (wtf already. And my last few meals were fast, Japanese, fast) and this place is a buffet + has internet so I plan on staying here for a while. LOL

Yesterday I had a good day with Sunny just walking around a massive shopping mall haha :). H&M YAY!! Their stuff is pretty good, but Sunny got bored so I just bought the 2 tops that I liked - and a rather expensive tote bag that I think I might use for Uni. Oh I also got a random-ass film camera that was only 39RMB/yuan so that's about ..$7AUD hehe. Didn't want to buy one that was too good, I'm only playing around with it after all~


I'm wearing one of my new tops here. It has a Peter Pan collar!!! I love Peter Pan collars, they're so incredibly feminine and pretty and versatile, and since I'm kind of a coarse girl already (well, I'm not delicate n dat) I need to not dress like a tomboy too.

So yeah, yesterday for breakfast/brunch (Sunny wasn't hungry yet so I was the only one eating) we went to Maccas since I have this thing for eating fast food when I'm overseas. IT'S SO MUCH BETTER HERE SOMEHOW. And it WAS good, they have curly fries!! How awesome is that!? Australia really needs to catch up. AHEM yeah LOL Sunny was like, "How did you order the food? Did you just say 'Can I have a McChicken burger please?'" Alas, no, as it turned out, they very conveniently had numbers next to the burgers on the display so I kind of just pointed and went "Can I have #3" in Cantonese and nodded when they spoke Maccas lingo in rapid-fire Cantonese. (For those who don't now, I am quite fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, it's just that I obviously don't know every word or slang in the language as I usually just have ..normal conversation, and this usually doesn't include intimate knowledge of the McDonalds menu.) And when I asked to change the normal fries to the curly fries I just called them the 'curl-curl fries' HAHA. God, the Maccas was so packed and so was everywhere else for that matter LOL. I was getting pretty annoyed because everyone doesn't give a fuck about touching each other, so instead of manoeuvring around someone, you jut sort of push your way through FUCKING OATH. Soz LOL I feel like I have tourettes HAHAHAHA. But yeah Sunny and I both hate crowds .. and blatant disregard for traffic rules.. I am so NOT living here. #chandler

Went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch/when Sunny got hungry and I can't remember any of the stuff we said :'( Other than the fact that there was a really awesome tap for hot water and a cup with a teabag already ready when you sit down so all you have to do is push the tap thingo and hot water comes out and omg it's so fucking handy sometimes I love China :D. Aaannd I just dripped watermelon juice on myself (still at the cafe, wasting time).
Stupid Jap restaurant wouldn't let us vlog what the fuck. Mate you're not the only place that sells sushi, your shit isn't that special kayyyy

Anyways, after that we just walked around and eventually took the taxi back to the hotel. Things I've learnt: Sunny really likes watching movies alone; Movenpick icecream is gooood; the Holiday Inn hotel lobbies smell like - I don't even know, it smells like what God's office would smell like. Divine; Discovery Channel rocks mot of the time; BURGER KING AND HUNGRY JACKS IS OWNED BY THE SAME COMPANY!? I had a hunch for a while, but still, this is kinda surprising; My Lucky Stars (one of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong films) is available on Youtube, and it still and always will be one of my old favourites + hilarious as balls. I don't care who you are but there is some quality comedy in that thing, and all the better if you're Cantonese Australian/American/some sort of Western English-speaking country, I guarantee you'll love it. Besides, Jackie Chan basically guarantees it'll be a good movie anyway ^.^ HERE I'LL EVEN LINK IT FOR YOU, THIS IS HOW BAD I WANT EVERYONE TO ENJOY THIS TOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVq3ZW1sFlw

Wow I find it's hard to blog without photos now haha. But yeah, Sunny's mum brought Sunny & I Burger King oh she's so lovely ; o ;.

Anyways I'm running out of things to blog about -weeps quietly-. I think I've been dragging this post out because I can't bear to process the thought of no internet for a while, although I'll probably find some way to reattach myself to it anyway! Ahh. My mum, Karen Liang's mum and Sunny's mum all know each other and Karen actually lives a few floors up from my grandma's place (I KNOW RIGHT. OF ALL THE BUILDINGS IN GZ.) so I think I might meet up with her and we can go chill (hopefully at somewhere with internet) 8D! LOL! See you kids soon, hopefully! MUCH LOVE! ♥

I miss you already bubz! MOISTURISE!!!!

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