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I swear, every day is an adventure.. Casual hangouts become special. This is why I love my group ♥.

Drove this morning! Sunny rang me while I was driving and my instructor thought he might have been my bf, lmao. THIS IS SO TRUE FOR QIN AS WELL. APPARENTLY SUNNY'S DATING THE ENTIRE GROUP (he's already gay with the guys anyway). Anyway, we ate at The Restaurant Sunny Can Never Pronounce (Manmaruya) and I ordered too much food but we drove around for a while and picked up Wangays and went to Oatley Park and then Sunny had the sunroof open so I sort of stood up on the passenger seat and stuck my head out the sunroof and it was so fun. SERIOUSLY EVERYONE SHOULD GO TRY IT GOGOGO except we were in Oatley Park and not a public road heheh.

Also, Terry knows so many good spots! He took us to the beach (?) under Tom Ugly's bridge and we got burgers from Paul's (another famous fast-food joint wtf) and ate there and I can't believe I paid like motherfucking $15 for a burger I took legitimately under 10 bites out of lololololol (I bought 2 drinks and chips as well, so dw LOL). Fuck. I spent so much money on food today and I hardly ate half of it.. #baddaughter

Anyways, photos coming up soon, I think. I hope you all have a ridiculously great Christmas! I love Christmas season, it's so heartwarming and cheesy (Kim is also set on getting 'ugly Christmas sweaters'). BRINGS THE FAMILY TOGEZZAR YA KNOW!?!!!? HAHA. ♥!

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