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Quick post!, I feel like I've exhausted my words for tonight..

1. Drove in the morning. Was good because it was different weather (raining - felt exactly the same so don't fear my fellow L-platers), but failed to text Lynn at the right time because my brain is stupid. Sent her lengthy Facebook messages instead :).
2. Did some housework, talked to Wangays and made some tuna pasta, sneakily got him to tell me his address and told Sunny who went straight there to pick him up. Then they picked me up and we went round to PA, Westfield for an Easyway, back to PA where Kimmy joined us and then to Willows ^_^.
3. Played Pictionary like a mad fuck. The guys FINALLY won the second game after like, 6 games ROFLMFAO (the only other member other than myself in my team that round was Sunny, so when we played, only one person was guessing! Would have been shameful if they DIDN'T win!), managed to make Sunny eat his words; "See?, Pictionary is fun, and you said it would be crap. Take it back!" "Yeah, it is. I take it back~" "n__n"
4. Stopped at Southgate Maccas carpark to wait for Kim, Terry & Viverino. Took stupid pictures.

^ One thing I like about this photo is that my eyes look even better compared to the rest of my face

5. Proceed to wear mask and stare everyone else down. Pretty fun, except I think my breath started condensing in the mask. Advised others not to wear it for a while.

6. Arrive at parking near Miss Saigon and take photo of pretty sunset. Proceed to get mocked by Sunny. "Ooh! Pretty lighting! Have to take a photo! *gets kicked*"

7. Introduce Kim to the world of 21 for the first time. She likes it how I like it, too - with lemon and a bit of fish/oyster(??) sauce. Carry a joke too far and have the pleasure of bringing tears of mirth to Kim's eyes. Conversation goes like this:
Kim: "Oh my god One Direction is coming to Australia in March!!!! I'm going to go!!"
Terry: "You're not going."
K: "What, why"
T: "You're just not going."
Me: "He's going to become a bodyguard in 2 months and then barricade your entry."
K: (I think she laughed here. I don't remember too clearly)
Me: "Doesn't matter, you can go order one. HAHA what am I saying, order one? I meant hire."
K and I: *laughter*. At this point, Terry has lost track of the conversation, but Viv is still listening (bless her soul).
Me: Haha, order a bodyguard. eBay, heeehehehe.
K and I: *cracks up again*
Me: " 'Brand new, never used' "
K&I: *more laughter*
Me: " 'Item in good condition. Buy 1 get 1 free' "
K: *starting to tear up now*
Me: "Comes in 3 colours. Black, white and yellow."

I should probably end this here. LOL, trust me it was one of those in-the-moment jokes (really, it was!!!!!), you had to be there. Kim was in tears and people were probably wondering why there was an asian girl banging the table repeatedly.
8. Go to Oatley Park again (fffffff. All I can think of is mud mud mud) and it is pretty freaky :( again, hahaha. Trek for a while and come back home at 10. Conclude that the day was certainly a good one.
P.S. Remember this shit!?!?! LOL Myspace omfg.. Pictures that moved across your screen.. So 2006 bahahah. I cringe to think of what my grandchildren will think of me - "Grandma, you were born LAST MILLENNIUM?!?!?! Holy Google!! You're OLD!" "Why thankyou darling. Would you like to see photos of my iPhone 4?" "No." *whips out iPhone 27*
P.S. Hi Katerina ;D
P.P.S. Wow that was not a quick post in any way.

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