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I haven't updated in days! I'm really starting to get enormously lazy with my blogging, heh heh. How is everyone? I hope you all had a great Christmas! ♥ As per usual, I will show rather than tell you how my Christmas Eve was :)))

The boys were joking around about pimping up Kim's Prius the night before Xmas eve, and Jamie actually turned up with some stickers so much of the afternoon was spent defiling her car :'D

As the day dwindled on and people got hungry, we began to cook. And let me tell you this, I make a kick ass pasta bake. That is all.

My very own Wallaces ♥ LOL

Terry's neighbourhood is absolutely magical at Christmas. Wangays had already spent Xmas there last (couple of) years, so he knew all about how every house strung up fantastic lights and put candles in milk cartons and lined them on the edges of the footpath and it was so beautiful. All these people were walking around and mirin the lights ^____^ Felt good to be alive!! LOL

Here is (most of) my family, on Christmas Eve 2011! Hope you all had a great one! (My actual Christmas was extraordinarily quiet, a nice change from the night before - I stayed home, ordered pizza, ate icecream and read books. #winning)

Love you all! Muah!
P.S. I feel somewhat obligated to mention that I had less than 1 cruiser and I got kinda tipsy (and red as FUCK). Fuark. The only person more lightweight than me is Alice, I swear.

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