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Oh man! I'm not in the mood to blog. What is the world coming to? Will dotpoint what I did today. Kudos to you if you read it all.
  • Woke up and had to get dressed and find my goddamn birth certificate. Had to call and wake up mummy who is currently in China - it was like 6:30 AM there and she took the opportunity to ask me what my "Uter" was. Told her I'd tell her 'later'.
  • Obtained birth certificate yayay! (Needed it for my Tax File Number, which I'm filing through school, probably illegally. I don't know, I'm not sure, I just know I'm an ex-student now LOLOL) Don't know where Brendan is (he's picking me up - I've missed him so) so I walk to train station to buy me some breakfast and take the train if need be.
  • I buy myself a McMuffin meal and wonder why I did that. I'M GOING TO A BBQ FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHY AM I BUYING FOOD LOL #badasian
  • Brendan already at my place aish. Have to walk home. LOL ThankgodIliveclose
  • Get to school. Not many people there. Weather is cloudy but otherwise not unpleasant :)! Sunny is there, so I stick with him. Handrew is scared of me. In other words, everything is normal.
  • After aaaggeeezzz, Wangays and Terry arrive (Tez slept at Wangays' that night the qtpi's) and we sit down and just talk and then they get food then we talk to some teachers then we eventually go to PA where no one really orders much food but I got a chicken carbonara as per usual and Wangays helped me out which was good cause I definitely could not finish it on my own!
  • Back to my place to get the second book of Avatar, which Wangays is probably halfway through by now. Manage to convince Terry into watching it to. Feel successful.
  • Go home, chill for a while in my bed (like 60% of my whole day was spent in bed, not including sleeping), nap for like 20 minutes and wake up for driving lesson!
  • Once again fastest driving lesson of MY LYF K. WTF IS 1 HR, FELT LIKE 20 MINS WTF I SWEAR THIS WOMAN IS CHEATING ME OUT OF MY MONEY BUT SHE IS LOVELY AS HELL + THE TIME WAS SHOWN IN THE CARRRR HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. IF ONLY I COULD DRIVE DURING AEROPLANE RIDES LOLOL WTF IS 9 HOURS FUCK MY LIFE. I seriously hate flights though.. It's liek the #1 ultimate thing I hate. Loving how off-topic I've gone.
  • OKAY. Right. I have a dinner with Gavin so I go home and chill once more for a little while before I go to Manmaruya and nom with Gavgavs. He proceeds to tell me what feels like his entire girl-history and I don't know how I feel about having almost nothing to tell him. (Life is so much easier without boys though)
  • Jamie joins us for a brief moment haha
  • Go home and read and do nothing for the rest of the night. Talk to dad about china for a bit. Eyes are tired and sore now from reading so much.
  • Must wake up at 9am tomo to get ready for driving lesson again! My god!! So much $$ haha oh well it is worth it I hope :))). Instructor says I am getting better! Yay n__n. (She also said I didn't look full Chinese. Rofl is it the blonde?)
  • Will probably go home and fall back asleep for a bit haha, and then at night time, we have Joan's 18th at Lim's!! YAY BUFFET, YAY FRIENDS, YAY ALICE AND JOAN YAY :). Can't wait! Mwa! Goodnight children!
P.S. Hello Anyi my darling ♥
P.P.S. Holy shit my blog is so bare without photos wtf. Must take some later today.

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