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Oh dear, I had better blog before I forget!! Okay, today:

1. I went ice skating with Oct8rgy - Lynn + Anyi. Feet didn't hurt as much as last time, I think I skated more than last time. Stacked it twice and both times Wangays was holding my hand wtf

Wangays stacking it ..

..Me stacking it and Wangays having to help me back up :(. ROFL!

2. Sunny stacked it and Jamie was about to run into him so he sort of leaped, and his shoe ended up digging into Sunny's hand! Right above the knuckle. It was a pretty deep cut, he needed to get two stitches O_O. (He's okay though! He's a soldier. ROFL)
3. Luckily the day wasn't over yet (and it wasn't going to be for a while) - we headed to nom at PA and mm.. I lurve PA food. Always in the mood for PA food. *brb while I drool*

Penne Carbonara w/ Chicken, Thai Chicken Salad, Hot Chocolate! ♥ ..And don't worry, only the Carbonara was mine LOL.

4. Went back to Terry's house and chilled there HEHEHEEHEEEEE! Vivien's Year 10 formal was today and Terry's sister Sophie was a makeup artist so she did her makeup ♥. And afterwards, we were sort of playing around and asked her to partially make us up too..! LOL ^_^"

LENG LUI MAH?! LOL! Oh my god frothage over Kim. And Qin's makeup is uhm.. Classified Information heh heh X'D

5. We had to decide on a place to eat, so after much debate, we ended up going to Harry's Hotdogs =9

I can't help thinking that Freud would have a field day with this picture. It looks far too phallic for it's own good.. Hmm.. Maybe it's just me.. But John (tutor) was right, learning about Freud really fucks a person up ROFL

^ I love this photo even more now, because of this (oh and the fact that he gave me an erpic hug that morning. It's pretty hard getting erpic hugs out of Wangays):

If my heart were a building, I would place my friends in the penthouse, and make sure this guy had everything and anything he would ever need. #cornyshit #noshame

6. Okay this part was pretty dumb, but we kind of sneaked into the Cycling Oval thingy next to Hurstville ..Oval.. (Oh my god too many fucking parks iono all their names). We ended up doing absolutely nothing and half of us had to pee so we went to Westfield and then we played Girls vs Boys hide&seek inside Westfield in which the GIRLS FAILED MISERABLY. (No photos. Too humiliating)


From yumcha/bowling day! I look like a certified midget here, but DASSCOOL LOL. It's a nice pic ok! :3

Okay, really not bursting with pride about the next three pics, but I took them for funzies, and because I pretty much never ever look like this.. Ever. Rofl

I don't mind the first one too much, since I still look happy ..kinda, and the third one is sorta my typical pose anyway, but it's the middle one that gets me. Iono, I'm really glad I don't usually cake it up and stuff, because whenever I look at the middle photo I really feel like I would start to dislike/disrespect myself if I did. Aiyah! I've never really been a fan of wearing makeup often. It's simply not very attractive to me! Why would you want to cover your faces with powder and things like that when you could concentrate on making your actual skin more beautiful and radiant? It's just naturally more attractive, and pretty much every single guy I know agrees that they like natural way better. (I have absolutely no idea how many girls read my blog, let alone girls that wear [a lot?] of makeup often, but WEAR LESS! Your skin, your wallet and BOYS will thank me for it! ROFLMFAO) (No but seriously invest in some sheet masks instead. Fuaarrk)

Hmm.. Okay, that's it for now LOL! Until next time sexy biatches! ♥
P.S. I really missed Lynn today. Wish you were there babe ♥ (even you don't read my blog! haha) Terry recorded a video of all of us saying We Miss You and stuff on his phone so dasskool ^_^

P.P.S. Oh, and in saying all the stuff about makeup, it was still really fun to do that so randomly. HAHA (Hey, I'm still a girl, okay)

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