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I'm not retarded, I promise. The title of this post is from Lloyd's song Dedication To My Ex and that's the LINE THAT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD AND HAS BEEN SINCE WILLOW'S 18TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! WHICH I WILL PROCEED TO SPAM WITH PHOTOS STARTING ..NAO! (P.S. I've been incredibly lazy with blogging lately, so I changed my blogskin to get myself back into it since usually that works :3. Ayoh! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME WTF)

(Ok but seriously BreadTop makes the best goddamn Black Forest cake. Fuarrkk *salivates* And the one we got for Willow was SO BIG!! SO SO BIG!!!! ARGH [dass wut she sed])

Family portraits are so cute ♥

Like I said, family portraits are cute. ♥

The day after that (which was lovely fun - Pictionary was actually so intense that we started sweating in an 19 degree airconditioned room, THAT'S HOW INTENSE IT GOT! THIS SHIT IS EPIC OKAY! #CaringbahNerds) was the eagerly-anticipated sleepover at Terry's house at which we walked around Miranda, picked up some delicious caesar salad +chicken penne at Maddison's Fine Food (gogogogogo omg. I love always finding good food to eat hehe, even places I don't go often!) Vietnamese Mentos' from some reject/dollar shop, some abso-fucking-lutely adorable PillowPets (that Sunny hated), and not car-reindeer-antler thingies despite Kim & my persistent efforts - she walked around in just socks because she left her shoes at Terry's :'DDD.

Wangays was already at Terry's so after running around what seemed like everywhere, we went back and watched 1408 before picking up Lynn. I thought it was a very good scary movie at first - actually executed well, very nice dialogue and actor and everything, until it got SO ridiculous.. Ugh. Man I'm watching more and more gross/scary movies because of my friends hahaha Dx Anyway, we picked up Lynn with the girls in Sunny's car and her parents were lovely, gave us a big plate of salmon to devour ^_^ The rest of the guys went to buy pizza there was a beautiful sunset after the POURING FOOKING RAIN and then we all got back to Terry's and ate the pizza ^_^!!

Argh, I wish I could go back. I miss my friends already ♥. The main event was going to Oatley Park and playing in the .. wait for it.. MUD. YES!! MUD! WTF!! IT WASN'T A REGULAR BEACH .. THE WATER WAS BROWN EVEN IN THE DARK AARGH omg *shudder*. It turned my blonde hair brown fffff. Anyway, that was pleasant HAHA. The boys kept getting paranoid we were getting watched, and I kind of did too, but tried to ignore it.. Glad we're safe though n__n Hehe :).

GODDAMN THIS POST IS TAKING LONG TO WRITE. After we were all clean, we settled down to watch Insidious which was conceptually interesting, until all these random tortured souls or whatever and yeah that killed the whole thing wtf, started laughing in some bits. So retarded. (Okay no but I was death-squeezing Wangays/Amiejays' hands cause the suspense was killin' me! Luckily we put on Zombieland after that - everyone was starting to fall asleep during Zombieland - and that was funny hehe, too bad I didn't finish it, it looked pretty good :).

In the morning, Lynn, Kim and Sunny (or it might have just been Lynn the relentless morning person!!) said it was 1PM but it was EIGHT THIRTY OR SOME SHIT.. Honestly what the fuq. So we just kept sleeping until 1 and got ready to go~ (Sneaked some pictures of Terry and Amiejays sleeping cuz I'm creepy like dat)


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