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Whoever created Instagram was a mad genius, and a kind one at that; I can't believe the app is free. "The best things in life are not things." (Which is, y'know, technically true, since the app does not exist tangibly, and all things are generally quite tangible..) Images are from older to newest.

Sneak shot of Terryberry sleeping from the Oct8rgy sleepover; my best bubbi and I the evening before she left to Korea; Santa Jess?; icecream Kim and I devoured (she loved the cookie dough parts); I FOUND SOMEWHERE IN HURSTVILLE STATION THAT SOLD MACAROONS!?, and Sunny knew ages ago!!!??!?!?! I don't even understand this travesty; and a bathroom luvo, wherein I definitely do not feel like I should be turning 18 in a few mere months.

It's 2:35 AM now, and that's already 2 posts within hours! I should be rewarded, hopefully with at least 9 straight hours of sleep and no sore bodyparts tomorrow :P. Goodnight! xo

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