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The most memorable incident of today was probably when Jamie, Qin and I decided that we were going to breathe in helium (you know, from the balloons) and talk. To our disappointment, though, it only lasted a few words or sentences :(. (Oh and it's really not good for you, so ..don't ..do it LOL) Oh, we also watched Puss in Boots and Anyi really liked it ehehehe! What a cutie. I thought it was quite predictable, but like Sunny said, it was a child's movie, so yeah. (Oh and there is no Shrek in it whatsoever. He's sort of a stand-alone character~ I like Shrek a lot better :))

Nothing much to say today. Tired and sleepy for no reason nowadays :(! Will leave with my most recent instagrams :).

Good god she's gorgeous. Mwa!

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