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Writing what's happened lately will probably take too long. Will show you instead :)

Willow's Exhibition! It was great, I loved the high ceilings and the natural lighting :)

And then to Lynn's house for her party! It was great.. Awesome food, AMAZING weather, the whole bunch together.. A lot of phototaking haha. After a while we jumped into the cars and went to Woodville park and there was a bunch of like, 8 year old's who were cartwheeling around the place so we sort of got Anyi to do the splits and cartwheel and all the guys just followed suit LMAO (..except for the splits. That - no.) but yeah, we started doing Boys vs. Girls dance challenges.. HAHAHA. Omg so fail. The guys didn't even dance, they just did stacks-on piggybacking wtf :|. The girls did Tell Me and the guys mirrored it and Terry's body roll was hilarious HAHAHA

So that was two days ago (: Yesterday I took Anyi to the airport in the morning, went home, fell asleep, came back out to watch Breaking Dawn with mah guurlz (good movie, by the way. Like, I was actually pleasantly surprised, since all the other Twilight movies have been absolutely bullcrap - there was less lame corny shit and more sticking to the script! Hurrah) and then we ate Pepper Lunch and Karaoke afterwards, but Lynn realised she lost her phone so we went back to the Cinema to get it then we went to a dessert place which had green tea !youghurt! and that was really yummy and then Lynn and I went home because I was so tired and Lynn had to go home :).

Okay I ended up writing a lot of stuff anyway LMAO. Okay kids, see you later! Mwa! ♥
P.S. Dinner date at Kagaya with Joan tonight. OH MY GOD NO ONE'S SEEN HER FOR LIKE 38203403923930 YEARS WHAT IS THIS
P.P.S. Dad's letting me go Korea. Happiness level +1000. (Watch it crash when my results come out in 2 days)

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