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OH MY GOD, I AM KIND OF LIKE PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED RIGHT NOW. But not the totally dead sort of exhausted (well, not anymore), but the don't-make-me-move-my-legs-unless-I-need-to-pee-or-something-is-on-fire. Went to East Ocean for yumcha today, ordered a shitload of food and ate it all (hurrah for boys), went to Harbourside to Bowl :D. We decided to do boy and girl teams combined, so the scores of Jamie + Sunny vs Qin + Me + Anyi and OH MY GOD THE FIRST GAME THEY ONLY BEAT US BY ONE POINT WHAT THE SHIETTTT. But the next game ANYI WAS BEASTING LIKE MAD!!! Like legit her LOWEST BOWL was seven. SEVEN. DID NOT THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR A PERSON TO GET THAT MANY STRIKES IN A SINGLE GAME BUT SHE DID IT :|. Ah, super proud to be related to her BWAHAHAH. ♥

After that, we headed to Sushi Train and played pool, where Qin found her calling (she is absolutely disastrous at bowling but so pro at pool.. I - what - how does that even work, honestly) and we played 3 games and although the girls didn't actually WIN any, the boys LOST two so ..technically we won LOOOL.

So that was fun 8). Too bad the sky was far too cloudy for my liking :(.. Then again, when is it ever cloudy to my liking?

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