23, Sydney AU


Pretty much my whole life right now ♥

So so so so so glad they took to Anyi so well. Of course they would, she's babin' and wonderful and so so so lovely! ♥

Today was greetings at PA, wandering around shopping at Hurstville, back home for a little while to then go eat 3rdRock with most of Oct8rgy minus Lynn haha ♥. BUT THEN WE WENT TO PICK HER UP SO IT WAS ALL GEWD. Finally Bay Vista'd and then headed to the beach, where the water was warmer than the wind and for some reason I was the target of repeated attempts to throw in the water wtf. (Eventually got in [sort of - halfway, okay]) anyway, so glad I brought Terry's pajama jumper even though it ended up staying here anyway heh]).

Looooooove love love love love love love love love love love love love. Might vomit love if I love any harder right now.

P.S. Byebye Sandykins and Lorrainebubs, I think they went o/s today! Mwa!!!!!! xx Be safe!! ♥
P.P.S. Found my 'perfect shorts' today wooo :):)

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